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Bobble in Moscow, January 25-26, 2010!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Bobby McFerrinís latest expansion of the known universe: Bobble, an improvised opera with a wordless libretto, will be presented in Moscow on January 25 and 26, 2010 by the Musical Olympus Foundation This new project gives Bobby a chance to collaborate with other voices, welcoming local talent and influences. In this 90-minute a cappella stage show, Bobby and a cast of 16 singers, reflecting a panoramic vista of influences and traditions, re-enact the plight of the citizens of Babel and their struggle to find a common language. Through music, spontaneously composed and conducted by Bobby, they learn to listen and to hear each other.

Our incredible cast for the Moscow production:

  • Bobby McFerrin
  • Marina Sabianina (Moscow)
  • Christiane Karam (Lebanon/Boston)
  • Brenna MacCrimmon (Toronto/Istanbul)
  • Bori Magyar (Budapest)
  • Gaya Arutyunyan (Budapest)
  • Pelagea (Siberia/Moscow)
  • Tina Kuznetsov (Moscow)
  • Nino Katamadze (Georgian Republic)
  • Marta Ruiz Villamil (Cuba/St. Petersburg)
  • Edson Cordeiro (Brazil/Germany)
  • Andrey Mongush (Tuvan Republic)
  • Bulat Gafarov (Moscow)
  • Adam Matta (New York)
  • Andreas Schaerer (Germany/Zurich)
  • Vladimir Kryzhanovsky (Moscow)
  • Sergey Sarostin (Moscow)
  • Joey Blake (Boston)