Chick Corea

Chick Corea is one of Bobby's favorite collaborators. They have recorded two albums for Blue Note and Sony Records ("Play" and "The Mozart Sessions)", and Chick is featured on Bobby's 2002 release "Beyond Words". Their next duo tour of Europe is scheduled for Spring 2015.

"Chick is wonderful," says Bobby. "With him, I feel like I can go anywhere. I can do anything I want. Chick is right there. His ears are just astounding. I mean, if we're playing a tune that has 12 bars in it and I had decide at the end of the 9th bar that I want to go back to the first bar, Chick will go right back there with me. I have the flexibility to go anywhere I want, to do anything I want, to sing anyway I want. He's so sensitive; he's astounding, a great accompanist for me. And he's just full of levity. I like that. He's just very light, uplifting. He can play anything and we have a ball. He lets me sit next to him on his piano stool and play. What can I say? We've known each other a long, long time. Like good friends who know when to speak and when not to, and don't have to say anything. It's like that."