The Plot Of Essences, A Babelian Inquiry Into The Nature Of Communication

Act I            Building

scene i:       solo into dawn

Who are we, and where do we find ourselves? A solo aria by Bobby segues into an opening choral statement by the entire cast.

scene ii:            many souls, each a mirror

Who are you, and what world do you inhabit? Bobby conducts a series of solos against a choral backdrop, introducing the diversity of styles and characters to the audience.

scene iii:             we build a tower

We can work together. Bobby leads the cast into a spiral dance; singing together, they gather around him and build a tower with their hands.

Act II            Abusing

scene i:            my self above all

Beauty interrupted. Four contrasting solo arias compete to dominate the stage. Bobby cues the action as singers interrupt and upstage each other.

scene ii:            we battle into chaos

Divided we fall. The competition becomes more chaotic, then resolves into three nationalist groups, each attempting to win the audience’s attention and favor with their own songs. Cacophony ensues as the music becomes more strident. The cast, eager to reach the audience, forms a line at the edge of the stage.

scene iii:            imprisoned in Fakery

A fate worse than chaos. Everyone shows off, preening and simpering, showing off their slickest tricks, feigning excitement and edginess while making predictable choices A charismatic leader emerges and hosts a Vegas-syle talent competition: this is bo-shiz (the funhouse mirror image of show-biz). He brings out the headline star, played by Bobby, and his fawning entourage; the crowd goes wild. This is an ending; God has had enough, and the stage goes black.

Act III            Rebuilding

scene i:            one soul emerges

A quest for something more. Bobby makes another solo statement, and invites other cast members to take the spotlight.

scene ii:            each voice sings their own sound

Each voice is heard; by listening we transform each other. Bobby weaves solos, duets, and trios into a choral background, integrating contrasting styles and influences.

scene iii:            all sing together

It was the sharing of the song that saved them. Bobby orchestrates an intimate and joyful song for performers and audience. A celebration.