1. Baby
  2. Say Ladeo
  3. Wailers
  4. Messages
  5. The Garden
  6. He Ran To The Train
  7. Brief Eternity


Universal Classics & Jazz (Decca/Emarcy), 2010

Ten-time Grammy Award winner/vocal innovator Bobby McFerrin surprises us yet again with VOCAbuLarieS, his first new release in eight years. Like his #1 worldwide hit song Don´t Worry Be Happy and his multi-platinum duo album Hush with cellist Yo-Yo Ma, VOCAbuLarieS is based on Bobby´s experiments with multi-track recording and his ceaseless exploration of the potential of the human voice. VOCAbuLarieS is Bobby McFerrin music for the 21st century.

A collaboration with the composer/arranger/producer Roger Treece, VOCAbuLarieS features over fifty of the world´s finest singers, recorded one at a time and in small groups to create a virtual choir made up of over 1,400 vocal tracks. Constructed as meticulously as a Mozart symphony or a Steely Dan album, intricately synthesized from countless stylistic elements,VOCAbuLarieS may be unlike any album anyone has ever recorded. Yet the music is always accessible, joyous, and inviting.

VOCAbuLarieS celebrates Bobby ´s love of all musical genres, from classical to world music, R&B to gospel and beyond, building upon McFerrin´s past explorations and journeying into bold new territory. If the song Don´t Worry Be Happy is all you know about Bobby McFerrin, sit back and prepare to be amazed.